Available status

Available status for the legacy returns function (only valid for "Returns" section in the Operations app for Android)

There is no automated status change in our backend. This page only describes the intention of each status.



After a Handover is finished, a return with the status INITIAL will be created. INITIAL is the starting point.


This status indicates that a return process was started and is on going. Our client switches to IN_PROGRESS as soon as a user opens a return. (Note that our client cannot abort or reset this process)


Is a final status. Indicates that the return process is finished and a (manual) subsequent process can be started, e.g. trigger refund in a billing tool. Our client uses the status at the end of the return process.


Is a final status. Indicates that a return should not be possible anymore because e.g. the return period is exceeded. This status exist but it is not used by our client. There is no automation set up possible.


Is a final status. It is not used by our platform or from our client. Indicates a cancellation.

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