Technical requirements

The technical requirements the customers should satisfy in order to use our clients for their fulfillment processes.

Typically, staff in facilities (stores or warehouses) use either the fulfillmenttools Fulfillment Android application or the In-Store-Fulfillment web app for operational processes or self-written clients that work against the fulfillmenttools APIs. It is therefore mandatory to make sure the onsite conditions do not interfere with our requirements.

The Backoffice web application is used by staff and/or supervisors for administrative tasks. This could be either onsite or offsite by customer’s support staff. Thus the conditions could be different and should therefore be checked separately.

The fulfillmenttools platform API is not accessed directly from customers but rather through the mobile app and/or the web apps. However, backend processes (eCommerce system, ERP, …) that need to be integrated with our platform do access the REST API and these components need to be able to access it from their (runtime) environment.

If you have any questions about network setup, permissions or requirements, please get in contact with us at

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