App sections

For now, our app is developed for Android systems only. The Backoffice is web-based and can be used within a browser on a normal computer environment. For both components, the following characteristics are applicable:

  • Multi client ready: The app and the backoffice can be used by several clients without getting in each other’s way.

  • Login / Logout functionality: A user can login and logout to avoid abuse of the system.

  • Selecting / changing a facility: Depending on the user's role, (s)he can choose the facility in which actions are performed respectively monitored.

Our App is configured based on your desired use cases. Therefore, you might not see all sections described below. If all sections are enabled on your tenant, upon opening the app, you can choose between three different sections:


The inbound section provides an overview of all expected deliveries. In this section, users can manage the receipt of goods, perform a quality check, and conduct stowing tasks. Individual stock properties such as expiry date or batch number can be considered. For more information please go to Inbound.

Storage and relocation

The storage and relocation section in the inventory app can be used to relocate goods within a facility. Users receive storage location recommendations based on stock distribution within a facility as well as configured storage principles. For more information please go to Storage and relocation.


The production section works as a connection between the Inventory App and the Operations App. It directly opens the Operations App and shows all open production jobs for the signed in user.

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