Channel Inventory

Channel inventory is currently not fully operational as it is not considered in reservations and routing.


Channel inventory allows reserving inventory for specific sales channels or other purposes. The Channel Inventory View gives an overview of all configured allocations and allows users to assign products and stocks to channels.

For more technical details please refer to Inventory Management - Channel Inventory.

Create channel allocations

  1. Go to the "Channel Inventory" tab in the Inventory Management view.

  2. Click on the "+" icon on the right to create a new channel allocation.

  3. Select the (sales) channel and the product that you want to allocate to the channel. As of now, channels can only be created via API. For more information please refer to Channel Inventory - Availability Channel .

  4. Define a validity period if the stocks should only be reserved for the channel for a specific time span. This is optional.

  5. Choose the facilities in which you want to reserve stocks for the channel.

  6. Define the quantity of items that you want to reserve in the respective facilities. Only as much stock can be assigned to a channel as is currently available.

  7. Save the new channel allocation. If you have not defined a validity period, the channel allocations becomes instantly active.

Edit channel allocations

After an allocation has been created, it can be managed via the overview in the "Channel Inventory" tab. By clicking on the three-dot menu, users can (de-)activate, edit, and delete channel allocations.

If an allocation is deleted or deactivated, the allocated stocks are added back to the general availability. It cannot be guaranteed that the stock will still be available when re-activating the allocation.

Allocation types

Depending on the priority of the distribution path, different strategies for stock reduction can be defined for each channel. As of now, allocation types can only be edited via API. For more information please refer to Channel Inventory - Availability Channel . The following types are currently available:

  • RESTRICT (Only stock that has been explicitly allocated to this channel is available for sales via this channel. As soon as the allocated stock is used up, no stock is available any more for this channel).

  • REGULAR (If an order is accepted via this channel, the allocated stock is first used up. Afterwards, stock that is has not been allocated to any channel is used.)

  • IRON_RESERVE (If an order is accepted via this channel, stock that is not assigned to any channel is used. Only after all other stock is used, the stock explicitly reserved for the channel is taken.)

Pay attentionn when changing the allocation type of a channel as this affects the stock reduction behaviour for all existing allocations belongig to the channel.

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