Inventory Management

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Our platform provides full transparency of your current inventory.

In the Stock Overview you can get information about the availability of stocks of your entire network (all stores and warehouses), and edit availability levels by using concepts like safety stock.

In the Listings View you can get information about stock levels per facility and adjust them if necessary, if you do not track stock on location level. If you do track stock on location level, you can see and edit storage locations with their respective stock in the Storage Location Overview.

Backoffice Views


General inventory concepts

Inventory Ownership (platform-owned vs tenant-owned)

Our product can be used in different setups

  1. You are using your own inventory management system and no inventory information is exchanged with fulfillmenttools. In that case, it is still possible to use other inventory-based features if you activate Infinite stock mode.

  2. Inventory is managed externally, but all relevant information is provided to our platform, using APIs. In that case, you are not able to change the data, but have full transparency and access to analytical information.

  3. Inventory is managed externally, like above, but additionally, stock level changes made in our product are transmitted back to the respective (external) inventory systems.

  4. You are using our product as primary inventory management system.

Inventory Granularity Level (facility-based vs location-based)

Your stock can be captured by our system with varying detail:

  1. Stock can be captured per facility. In that case, information such as stock quantity and item ID are viewable on the listings view in the facility view. Stock is accounted to the facility, our platform does not keep track where exactly in the store the items are located.

  2. In addition, storage location within a facility can be defined, and all stock can be assigned to a precise storage location to support your processes as accurately as possible. For several features (e.g. stowing), this is a prerequisite.


See entitites.

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