Custom Attributes

You can add customAttributes to some of our entities on root level. Custom Attributes can be used to carry information that might be in interest to connectors or services outside of fulfillmenttools, e.g. a consumer rating originating from a shop or some foreign key relation to the corresponding data in a connected system. The information of customAttributes are stored and can be retrieved via the API. However, they do not have any influence on the behavior of the fulfillmenttools platform.

customAttributes should not be mistaken for attributes mentioned in Customization via Attributes: While attributes can have direct impact on the display or further processing within fulfillmenttools, customAttributes don't show this behavior.

Furthermore, some entities support also customAttributes on child objects e.g. on line item level. We don't restrict the structure of customAttributes so you can add arbitrary objects.

Consult the API reference to find a complete list of supported entities.

Custom Attribute Inheritance

Custom Attributes are inherited during creation of entities within the fulfillmenttools platform. If you supply custom attributes to order line items the pickjobs are also going to have these custom attributes. In general, all subsequent entities are going to inherit these attributes.


Each customAttribute object in the platform has a limit of 15360 chars (the whole object serialized as string). This approximately corresponds to 15 objects with around 1024 chars. The API responds with a http error code 400 if you try to create or update an entity which exceeds this limits.

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