Listings View

By showing the listings on facility-level the user can gain a quick overview of all listings including the following attributes of a product:

  • picture

  • item name

  • description

  • price

  • stock level

  • item ID

  • product availability

A user can search for a specific listing by searching for a specific item ID.

When clicking on the arrow on the right, a detailed view of the corresponding item opens. If the displayed stock information is incorrect, it is possible in this view to adjust the stock level manually on facility level. The ability of allowing a user to adjust stock levels within the backoffice can be configured within the Settings page in the Network view.

Product availability

The attribute product availability describes whether a product is free to be sold. Whenever an order is routed to a facility the requested stock is reserved and not used for upcoming routing decisions (see Ratings). The respective amount of reserved stock is displayed in the listings view. If the task is finished, the total stock as well as the reserved stock is corrected by the picked amount.

If a short pick was performed, the total stock is set to zero until a stock update information is received. If a short pick (see Ratings ) was performed, the article is set to “not available” for a set amount of time.

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