Remote Config

Our Remote Config is a simple configuration key-value store. Based on a key, different values and value types can be saved here. Furthermore every entry can be contain a specific scope, this means that configurations can only be made available to certain user groups or clients.

Because the fulfillmenttools platform is not communicating with the Remote Config, only simple client configs should be saved in here.

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Example JSON

    "id": "REMOTE-CONFIG-ID-001",
    "value": false,
    "valueType": "BOOLEAN",
    "groups": [
    "scopes": [
            "id": "SCOPE-ID-0001",
            "facilityRefs": [
            "userRefs": [
    "created": "2023-01-10T09:32:00.000+00:00",
    "lastModified": "2023-01-10T10:54:00.000+00:00",
    "version": 7

JSON field descriptions


The unique key that identifies the Remote Config entry, this can be freely chosen at entry creation.

value & valueType

The value of the key-value pair. With the valueType, the clients can identify the technical type of the value field for parsing.


At creation every entry can (but it doesn't have to) have one or multiple groups. This are only simple strings that can defined free. If a client call later the API, this group-strings can be uses as filter. This way, every client gets only the configurations that are important to them.


Defines a specific scope where the configuration is available. It is possible to add different facilities and/or users. The facility and user declarations AND-linked.


"scopes": [{
    "id": "SCOPE-1234",
    "facilityRefs": [
    "userRefs": [

In the example above the configuration will be only returned for user USER-40 or USER-43 that are working in facility FACILITY-4711 or FACILITY-4712. All other user and facility combinations don't get this Remote Config entry.

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