Handle announced returns

These are returns where the customer notifies you in advance that they intend to return an item. This notification typically includes information such as the reason for the return.

It is also possible to handle announced returns very easily with our returns app.

Finding an announced return

When launching the returns app, you have the option to scan the package (shipping label or return note) to quickly locate the return.

If there is no label available to scan, you can manually search through existing returns. You can search by customer name, order number, short ID, or shipping ID.

If the search result is not unique — for instance, when searching for common names — you will need to review each result to identify the correct one.

When an announced return is available, it will be highlighted with a tag indicating announced items.

In the return process, it isn't always possible to scan the return label's QR code to identify the tracking ID/return. This is only feasible if the QR code on the return label contains only the tracking ID without any additional information.

We recommend prioritizing the scanning of the return note whenever possible.

Processing an announced return

Clicking on the highlighted return will show you an overview of the announced returns. This is the case if the customer has announced multiple returns from one order.

When you now click on an return with announced items, you can choose to process this return. You will be directed to an overview of returnable items, with the announced items already selected and containing all information provided by the customer, such as return reasons.

Review all the given information and add any additional details if needed by using the edit button (pencil icon). If you need to add or remove items due to incorrect information provided by the customer, you can do so during this process.

At the end, you will be able to review everything in an overview. Complete the process to create an ItemReturn that includes all necessary information.

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