Return Reasons

Return reasons should help our customers to specify why certain items have been returned by the customer while creating an ItemReturn. In order to get pre-defined return reasons, these reasons can be added to the given ReturnConfiguration (1)

These reasons can be passed while creating an ItemReturn through the API. Having default reasons is optional and not mandatory for passing reasons into an ItemReturn. (2)

Default values for return reasons in the backend are not provided; however, it is possible to manage them on the client side. Like we are doing it with our app by setting the default value for return reason to "no reason". If no additional reasons are specified through the backend, the return reasons will not be displayed.

Adding predefined return reasons

You can add translatable availableReturnReasons to the returnConfiguration via API. The translation depends on the locale of the user using this endpoint and the tenantLocaleConfiguration as a fallback.

Using return reasons in ItemReturns

A user of our API can use this predefined return reasons or provide their own ones when creating or updating the ItemReturnLineItem of an ItemReturn. The localized return reason can be provided like this example:

localizedReason = { de_DE: 'Falsche Farbe', en_US: 'Wrong color' }

When getting this ItemReturn via REST oder GQL, you will receive an additional field called reason which contains only the localized value. This translation depends on the users locale.

Getting and setting these values via REST:

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