Picking Methods

fulfillmenttools provides a variety of different picking methods. How they are configured and how they work is explained in the following

Available Picking Methods

Single Order Pick

Single Order Pick is the most simple yet effective way on how to fulfill customer orders. Basically it describes the process of picking & packing goods for one customer order per process. All the goods handled in the process alway belong to the same consumer - a post processing in form of dispatching towards different parcels or different storage locations is not needed. However this method creates the most overhead and is suggested only in facilities with considerably low order volumes.

Batch Pick

In contrary to the Single Order Pick the Batch Pick consolidates multiple consumer orders to a pick run. That means during picking the Fulfiller is handling goods for different consumers at the same time. This usually requires a post processing of the picked goods in the end in order to dispatch the right goods to the right consumers (like putting them to consumer specific storage locations or parcels).

Multi Order Pick

A Multi Order Pick is similar to a Batch Pick: Also multiple consumer orders are picked together, but in contrary to the Batch Pick the dispatching of goods happens during the actual picking process which renders a post-processing of a bin of goods unnecessary, but adds complexity to the picking process.

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