Delivery Promise

What is the purpose of this endpoint?

Our "delivery promise" endpoint supports during the last step in our checkout journey. This endpoint can be requested when the customer has already decided on what to buy and is just before clicking the "Buy now" button.

At this time point of time the method of delivery is known (like the location of the click and collect facility or the address of the consumer if it is a shipping order), the items in the cart are known, the delivery preferences as well as the consumer address. Since we have all the relevant information, we now simulate an order and check the network to answer the question: "How would this consumer be fulfilled and when would he receive the goods if this customer were to click on the "Buy now"-Button?

We send this information to the shop system as an answer so that the consumer can be informed accordingly in the shop frontend.

How does it work?

When sending a "promise order" into our system we perform a routing decision with the set DOMS configurations. By this we know from where a fulfillment will be performed and when we can expect the fulfillment to be completed and the delivery to be carried out.

If the consumer decides to confirm the purchase (by clicking on "buy now") the promised order is being patched and becomes a "normal" order for fulfillment. In-between the stock is being reserved for the potential consumer.

If the consumer decides otherwise and he decides against the purchase we dissolve the stock reservation after a configurable timeframe.

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