Storage and relocation

The storing and relocation section in our inventory app supports in stowing & relocating items within a store or warehouse.

Functionalities within Stowing:


Upon opening the stowing section, the location scan screen is displayed. To start the stowing or relocation process, scan a storage location.

After a location has been selected, an overview of all items situated on the location is displayed. Select items that should be relocated by scanning or clicking on the respective product(s) in the app. If not all available pieces are to be taken, the exact number can be specified in the next step. To relocate items, click on the "Start stowing" button.

Next, an overview of all collected products along with the respective storage location recommendations is displayed. Upon scanning or clicking on a product, the quantity that should be relocated can be chosen.

In the next step, the storage location where the product should be placed can be scanned. The location which is recommended for stowing is displayed in the screen.

After scanning a storage location, a summary is shown including the products that should be relocated as well as products that are already placed on the storage location. By clicking the "Stow" button the user is redirected to the overview of collected products and stowing can be continued until all products are relocated.

Storage Location Recommendations:

When relocating a product to a new location, the inventory app offers recommendations for storage locations. Generally, storage lo cations are recommended where the same product is already stored and where there are the fewest products already located. In addition, depending on the storage principles that are configured, the recommendations are based on a different logic. If unmixed storage is enabled, locations are preferred where the same product with the same stock properties is already located.

Products with Stock Properties

When removing a product with stock properties from a location, the user must indicate exactly which items with which properties are taken. This step can be skipped if all products on the location with the same product ID have the same properties as well.

When stowing products with properties on a location, every property set (e.g. expiry date) that was collected is shown as a separate line item. Depending on the defined properties, different storage location recommendations are displayed.

If unmixed storage is enabled and a location is chosen for a product with properties, a modal is shown if there already exist items with the same product ID and different properties. However, the user is allowed to skip the modal, select the storage location and continue.

How do I add a storage location if scanning does not work?

Upon clicking on the plus icon in the location scan view, an overview of all existing storage locations is shown. It is possible to search for storage locations by storage location ID or storage location name. A location can be selected via click. After that, the user is forwarded to the summary page.

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