As RESTful platform, our entities are the heart of our platform. The following entities are relevant for order routing with fulfillmenttools:


The order is the key component of the connection between shop systems and our fulfillment platform. It is the starting point and basis for all subsequent order routing processes of our DOMS and contains the ordered items and services as well as any potential delivery preferences of the customer.

The order entity can also be used to provide further information that may be relevant in the subsequent routing or fulfillment process.

At fulfillmenttools we differentiate between two different types of order: The Shipment-Order aka Ship-from-Store Order and a Collect order aka click-and-collect order.

To simplify system integration only one order with the status OPEN, LOCKED or PROMISSED with the same tenantOrderId will be accepted by our platform. Cancelling an order and post a new one with the same tenantOrderId is possible.

Routing Plan

The routing plan can be seen as a vehicle which informs and enables the systems downstream of DOMS in the fulfillment process (like picking) about the routing decision.

The routing plan contains all the information that was relevant for the orchestration of an order like ordered items or delivery preferences. Ultimately, the routing plan contains the result(s) of the routing decision.

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