How to report incidents in fulfillmenttools

If you experience a problem, please follow these instructions to let us know. By doing so, you will help us to help you.


To report an incident or ask for support, please create a ticket in our service portal

  1. Select the right ticket type

  2. Summarize and describe the problem by filling-out the mandatory fields

  3. Select an incident priority & add attachments (e.g. screenshot) if available

  4. Issue the incident ticket by clicking on the send button

Emergency Hotline

In case of emergencies, you can also use our hotline: +49 221 956 732 10.

Please only use this number for urgent incidents! The hotline is intended to use, when our support portal is unavailable or you don’t get any reaction by our agents.

In case we are already talking to a different customer, we might not be able to answer your call. Please always create a ticket via the service portal in these cases to make sure that your incident reaches us.

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