Carrier Management

In order to increase the service level and flexibility on the last mile, our carrier management can be used to connect a wide range of shipping service providers simultaneously to offer additional shipping options at different locations.

Shipping Integration

The shipment module is like a marketplace where every carrier has its own booth. This module is primarily used in combination with our in-Store Fulfillment module. Both modules combined unfolds the full potential, however it can also operate standalone if the tenant decides to query it via the FFT API.

The integration of carriers is used for the following:

  • Obtaining a shipping label

  • Obtaining a return label

  • Obtaining the track & trace data

  • Marking the handover task as handed over as soon as the carrier has picked up the parcel (see Handover )

Enabling a carrier within the system is a two-step approach:

  1. Activate the carrier system-wide within the backoffice settings by supplying valid credentials.

  2. Activate the carrier within a facility to indicate that this facility supports the carrier.

Good to know

By default, a freshly created tenant system does not show the available carriers within the backoffice since most of the carriers are country-specific. Activating a carrier has to be done via API. After that, it can be configured within the backoffice.

Each activated carrier has a dedicated cutoff time which can be different from facility to facility. In essence, the cutoff time represents the timestamp when the carrier picks up the parcels at a facility. This cutoff time is only taken into consideration if the facility has configured fulfillment times for a given day.

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