Backup Policies

As a SaaS solution fulfillmenttools takes care of backups of your data - you do not need to do anything. The following information should give you a first idea on how backups are being taken.

Regular Backups

We are imposing a policy that takes backups

  • hourly (every hour of a day, 24/7)

  • daily

  • weekly

  • monthly

By default all of the above backup cycles are in place. The retention times however (basically how long the backups are stored & restorable) vary.

The backups are saved by default to the GCP zone europe-west1 with the option to duplicate them in another zone if desired.

Point-in-Time recovery (PITR)

In addition to regular backups we also provide a Point-in-Time-Recovery mechanism which can be used to "go back in time" and to be even more flexible when it comes to the need of restoring backuped data at a specific date in the past.

Want to know more details?

Please contact us and we would be happy to share more information and answer your questions.

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