Handover Configuration

Handover can be configured - based on your use case.

You can set:

  • availableRefusedReasons

Setting Handover Configuration


curl -sSL -X PATCH 'https://your.api.fulfillmenttools.com/api/configurations/handover' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "availableRefusedReasons": [
            refusedReasonLocalized: {
                "en_US": "wrong color",
                "de_DE": "falsche Farbe"
            refusedReasonLocalized: {
                "en_US": "wrong size",
                "de_DE": "falsche Größe"
    "version": 42,


Available Refused Reasons

When handing over the products to the customer or delivery service you might want to offer the possibility of refusing to accept the products to the receiving party. At the same time you might want to mark the refused products with a reason why the products were not accepted.

The list of available reasons can be set up here in different languages and can be retrieved with a Get call to the available endpoint.

The response has a refusedReason field that contains one of the locales provided by refusedReasonLocalized object. Which exact translation was chosen depends on the locale set in the authorization token when sending the request to the GET endpoint.

If no locale was provided by the client or the locale is not available in the refusedReasonLocalized field, the answer will default to the tenant locale. If the tenant locale is also not available in the refusedReasonLocalized object, then the first key value pair will be selected.

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