Storage Location Recommendations

We can recommend storage locations for products based on current stock and configuration of a facility

How do recommendations work?

A recommendation is requested for an existing stock based on it's stock id. The product (tenantArticleId), properties (i.e. expiry, batch) and current storage location are considered.

Only storage locations which are in the current facility, are ACCESSIBLE and are not the current storage location are considered for further evaluation.

  1. Our first priority would be a storage location with the same article and exactly the same properties. This ensures that stocks which are treated the same by other processes are kept together.

  2. Alternatively, if mixed storage is enabled, storage locations with the same article but different properties are considered.

  3. In both cases, if multiple storage locations are found, we prefer locations with the least amount of combined stock on it. The idea is to spread stock evenly across storage locations and avoid overloading some locations, since we have no way to track the actual capacity and utilization.

If no storage locations are found via the rules described in (1) or (2), we recommend nothing. This does not mean that any storage locations are suitable for this article, there probably are other locations which do not contain the article yet. Since no metric allows us to rank these locations in a sensible matter, we recommend no location and allow the worker oder application to pick from the complete list of valid locations.

The graphic below is supposed to help with common problems while investigating why an expected location is not recommended when stowing.

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