Storage Locations


In the storage location overview, all locations are displayed where stock is or can be stored within a facility. The search bar and the filter can be used to find specific storage locations. It is possible to search by storage location name, product name, and item ID.

The following information can be found in the overview:

  • Storage location name: Value that is used to identify a storage location. It should be unique and is mandatory to be set. The name can be defined when creating a storage location and can be changed afterwards in this view.

  • Type: Value describing whether one product (single) or several products (bulk) can be stored on the location. Can be changed afterwards in this view.

  • Function: Whether this storage location is pickable.

  • Zone: Value describing the zone in which the storage location is located. The user can define several zones via API, for example, commission area or inbound area. The zone can be chosen when creating a storage location but cannot be changed afterwards in this view.

  • Products: Shows the product(s) which are situated on that location. A plus icon (+) indicates whether there are various products on the location.

  • Stock: Number showing the stock quantity of items situated on the location. For example, if there are two products with each 20 units on the location, a “40” would be displayed.

The storage location cards can be expanded to show more detailed information of all products situated on the respective location such as item ID or product image.

Pickable storage locations

Storage locations can be marked as pickable or non-pickable when creating or editing a location. Products on a pickable location are ready to be picked for customer orders and are considered in the available for picking count. Pickable is an inventory trait that is inherited from storage locations to stock located on that location. For more information please refer to Inventory Traits.

Locking storage locations

Storage locations can be locked via the three-dot menu in the expanded location view. Products on a locked location are not considered in the available to promise and available for picking count. In addition, users will receive a notification when trying to move products from this location. For more information on the technical background please refer to Inventory Traits.

How to add a storage location?

A new storage location can be created by clicking the plus-icon in the right corner.

It is mandatory to define:

  • Storage location name

  • Type

It is optional to define:

  • Location ID: Additional value that should be uniquely identifying the location. If no value is set by the user, an ID is created automatically and cannot be changed afterwards.

  • Zone

  • Barcode: string describing the scannable code by which the storage location can be found

  • Storage location information: brief description of location limited to 1024 characters

How to edit stock on storage locations?

Stock that is already placed on a storage location can be added in the expanded location view by clicking on the three-dot menu on any of the product cards. Stock can only be deleted if the quantity has been set to zero beforehand.

How to add stock to storage locations?

In the expanded location view, a product can be added to a storage location by clicking on the "Add product and amount" button. Upon click a search field is opened where the user can search for existing listings via name or ID. After a listing was selected, the desired amount can be configured and the stock can be created on the chosen storage location.

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