You can decide which documents are needed within your process. For now it’s possible to add documents in the picking process or in the packing process.

The printing section consists of several printing tabs, which are currently:

  • Shipping labels

  • Return labels

  • Delivery note

  • Return note

  • External documents

In order to create shipping or return labels, a carrier connection is required. Our system is prepared to handle different types of carriers.

If the user decides to pick the task first he/she has the option to directly order a label for this task at the end of picking or the user can pick another task. While requesting a label, we also request a return-label, which is attached to the normal label (see: Returns)

A delivery and return note contain articles of the corresponding picking task and carry additional information about the picked amount of each article. Both documents can be created on demand in the app.

External documents are documents which are not created within the fulfillmenttools system, such as invoices or individual coupons which are created in external systems. Those documents can be easily integrated into our printing process, so that a picker is able to print external documents within the fulfillment process with our app.

Example 1: A shipping label should be printed in the picking process, cause you print the shipping label and than start picking directly in the parcel. What to do? Configure the “SENDLABEL” in the pickjob. The picker can now start the pickjob, click on the print button, print the label and do the following process steps.

Example 2: A delivery note should be printed in the packing process. What to do? Configure the “DELIVERYNOTE” in the packjob, then it’s only shown when clicking the print button in the packjob / packing process.

Special configuration: It’s up to you, if you like to handle documents per default, means for every pickjob/packjob the same or via tags. Tags can be helpful to handle pickjobs/packjobs differently. For example marketplace orders needs other documents than orders from it’s own store.

When Batch Picking is activated, the printing within the picking process is not possible

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