Zebra printer

Zebra Software

To set up the printer, Zebra delivers the Printer Setup Utilities software. This is available for Android, iPhone/iPad & Windows. Some settings can only made with this software, some other can be made directly on the printer (depending on the model).

All download links are available here on the Zebra website. Also Zebra offers some video tutorials for Windows and Android.

Setup Zebra Printer

To print with the Fulfillment Android application a paper label with a Zebra printer, the printer must be configured. This description shows up how using the example of the Zebra ZD621.

Enable PDF support (PDF Direct)

To print PDF documents, the support for PDF's (Zebra calls it PDF Direct) must be enabled on the printer itself. This is supported since Zebras Link-OS v6.3. For this follow the instructions depicted as numbers in the image below. After the configuration is applied, the printer is restarting and PDF printing is enabled.

Enable PDF Scaling (optional)

Best practise is, that the paper labels have the same size like the PDF documents. If the PDF is bigger than the paper labels in the Zebra printer, parts of the file are not printed out and are cut off. To prevent this, the PDF scaling must be activated.

This happens with the software Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU), for this it is an USB-cable connection with a Windows PC needed. With the button "Open Communication With Printer" commands can be send to the printer (Zebra documentation).

Get apl settings

! U1 getvar "apl"

Activate PDF scaling

! U1 setvar "apl.settings" "scale-to-fit"

Enable PDF support (PDF Direct)

! U1 setvar "apl.enable" "pdf"

Connect printer to LAN or Wi-Fi

To print paper labels, the printer needs to be part of the same network like the mobile device with the Fulfillment Android application on it. If the printer has a LAN port, just connect a cable into it. If the connection must be created by Wi-Fi, the settings must be entered into the printer.

To set up the Wi-Fi, follow the numbering steps in the image below. After the configuration change, restart the printer.

Activate Zebra printer for the Fulfillment Android application

That the Fulfillment Android application knows, that they have to use the Wi-Fi printer, there are the configuration flags android_native_printing_enabled and android_zebra_printing_enabled in our settings available. fulfillmenttools activates this if it is needed on the tenant.

Use Zebra printer in Fulfillment Android application

If the printer is set up correctly, the printing function is easy to reach and use. Just select the documents to print, select the Wi-Fi printer from the list and click on PRINT NOW. For more visual information see the numbering steps in the image below.

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