Our App can and will be configured based on your desired use cases. Therefore, typically you will not see all described sections below. If you are offering Click & Collect you will usually only be using the Pick & Handover section, whereas if you are using ship-from-store you will be using Pick, Pack and Handover. Generally we offer the following sections within the App:


Incoming orders/ Pickjobs can be opened and the ordered items can be collected by scanning or manually inserting the quantities while collecting all orderd items. Based on the configuration Printing of documents and selecting Loadunits can occur in this section.


Already picked items can packed into their boxes/ bags and printing of documents can be done in the pack section. This section is especially relevant for Ship-from-store orders as usually shipping labels and other documents are printed and added to the boxes here. Once orders are packed, they typically are stored for pickup.

The pack section will be further expanded during the next years to support other picking strategies such as batch picking.


In the Handover section all Orders (Handoverjobs) that were picked and packed are ready for pickup by the customer (C&C/ C&R) or by the carrier (sfs).

Returns (legacy)

In the returns section products that were returned by the customer can be accepted by employees with the returns section. These can be received by adding return reasons for certain articles.

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