Already picked items can be allocated to their boxes or bags and printing of documents can be done in the pack section. This section is especially relevant for Ship-from-store orders as usually shipping labels and other documents are printed and added to the boxes here. Once orders are packed, they typically are stored for handover.

The pack section will be further expanded during the next years to support other picking strategies such as batch picking.

How to Pack and print shipping labels or other documents in the packing section

Open the pack section and open the task you would like to complete

Press the print button at the bottom left corner and request shipping label via +

Wait until the label was generated

Select the correct shipping label by marking the ☑️ and open the shipping label by pressing “view shipping label”

Select the correct printer & print the label

Return to the pack section by swiping left on your android device

Print further documents or close the packjob

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