When an ItemReturn is created via our Returns app, this can be seen as a new entry in our returns section in the backoffice.

Each entry contains several information about the ItemReturn:

  • Status

  • Customer information

  • Return creation date

  • Return ID

  • Order ID

  • Returned items

    • Image, description, status, amounts, Item ID

Furthermore, additional information entered while creating a new ItemReturn in our returns app will also be displayed here. You can view this information by hovering over the paper clip icon.

Currently, we support comments associated with the item condition that the user provided during return creation in this view.

Search & filter options

We have added search and filter options to help you find the ItemReturn you're looking for.

You can use the search function to find ItemReturns by using:

  • Return ID

  • Order ID

  • Customer name

  • Item ID

  • Item title

Currently, we provide two filters that can be used in conjunction with your search criteria:

  • Return status

    • Open

    • In progress

    • Paused

    • Announced

    • Finished

  • Item status

    • Open

    • In progress

    • Waiting for input

    • Rejected

    • Accepted

Available actions

You can find and view a wealth of valuable information about your ItemReturns, and you also have the ability to make changes to them.

Actions on Item level

Each item within an ItemReturn can be updated to a different status. Items can be accepted or rejected based on their current status.

  • Accepted items can be rejected.

  • Rejected items can be accepted.

  • Items with the status waiting_for_input can be either accepted or rejected.

Trigger refund

We are not directly connected to any payment providers or accounting software. Therefore, triggering a refund must be managed within your system to process the actual refund for your customer. If you would like to discuss options for integrating our refund triggers with your system, please contact our team.

For each ItemReturn, we provide an option to trigger refunds. When you select this option, you can view a list of items included in the chosen ItemReturn. The list displays all items, but only those that are accepted can be selected for a refund.

For each item, you can choose to refund a specific amount or a percentage. You can switch between these options for each item to ensure the triggered refund is as accurate as possible.

Only the price and currency provided in the order can be displayed. If this information is not available, no refund amount or currency will be shown.

If needed, you can update the price and currency information to your ItemReturn via API afterward.

By checking the boxes of the desired items, you can click "Start refund" at the bottom of the page. This action will send out an event, allowing you to process the refund within your systems accordingly. Additionally, this will update the item's status to "refund triggered," which is used in our frontend for visibility purposes only.

If you want to trigger a refund for an item which is currently in another status, please set it to accepted first.


Trigger refund - The ItemReturn includes a price for each item, yet the page indicates that no information is available.

To ensure accurate refund information, we allow changes to the refund amount or percentage only when complete payment details are available, meaning the price and currency. If either of these details is missing, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the refund information and, consequently, we cannot provide any refund amount entries.

It is still possible to enter manually an amount to be refunded.

If needed, you can update the price and currency information to your ItemReturn via API afterward. When this is done you're able to enter refund information on the updated items, too.

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