Order Flow

This page aims to give you a basic understanding of the flow an order takes within the fulfillmenttools platform.


In this graphic you can see an example how an order flows through the different modules of the platform. The different parts you see in the graphic will be explained below.

Order sources

As you can see, we support the import of orders from different sources. The order might come from your shop (for example commercetools, Shopify Plus or Salesforce) and other marketplaces like Amazon or OTTO. We recommend using a connector which listens to events from you shop system and imports them into the platform via an API call (see Place your first order).


If you don't provide a fixed facility where the order has to be fulfilled, our DOMS will determine which facility is the best fit for fulfilling an order. For example you could define these fences:

  • service type

  • country borders

combined with these ratings:

  • geodistance (2/10 points)

  • stockavailability (10/10 points)

  • workload balancing (2/10 points)

The fences will exclude every facility that does not meet the criteria. That means a customer from the Netherlands will never be delivered from a facility in Belgium and a facility which only offers click & collect will never receive a ship from store order. The extant facilities will then be rated with points. The one with the most points will receive the order. If there are more than one facility with the same amount of points, one of them will be selected randomly. See Order Routing for more information on that topic.


An order can be split into one or multiple PickJobs. When an order is split into multiple PickJobs, each facility gets their own PickJob for that order. The employees then can pick the items needed in the faclity - either in batches or PickJob by PickdJob (based on your configuration). PickJobs which aren't fully picked yet have the status OPEN , PickJobs that are currently picked the status IN_PROGRESS, completed PickJobs are CLOSED.


After the items where picked, they might need to be packed into a shipping box or something else to hand it over to the customer or carrier. The PackJob assists the employee with packing the items, printing documents and creating shipping and return labels. PackJobs which need to be packed have the status OPEN, currently packed PackJobs are in status IN_PROGRESS. When they are packed and ready, their status will be CLOSED.


A shipment is always contained by an order and might contain on or more parcel entities.


A parcel represents a real parcel and contains information about the carrier, the tracking codes, the label and the return label.


A HandoverJob mark the process of handing the package over - either to the customer or the parcel carrier.

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