Inventory Control

Inventory control includes all operational activities in the facility, especially inbound and stowing activities.

The effective tracking and managing of goods rceipts and relocation of items within a facility are critical for maintaining accurate inventory records and preparing products for order fulfillment.


The Inventory App supports operational activities in the warehouse or facility . In the web-based Back office, aggregated views for the supervisor or similar roles can be found.


Inbound process and goods receipt

  • Overview over expected deliveries

  • Manage receipt of goods and perform a quality check

  • Add comments and photos to receipts

  • First time stowing of goods and stock updates

  • Supporting barcoding and scanning

  • Consideration of best before date, batches and other product properties

Warehouse layout & storage location management

  • Adding storage locations and edit storage location information

  • Editing stock quantity on storage locations

  • Differentiating between different zones (e.g. inbound, picking area) and storage types (bulk/single storage)

  • Marking storage locations as pickable (see inventory traits)

  • Blocking storage locations for incoming orders, inbound, and stowing (see inventory traits)

  • Configure storage principles, e.g., un-mixed storage (see is-mixed storage)

Stowing and relocating stock

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