The settings in the backoffice enables further functionalities for your processes.

Add mobile device

Here you can connect the Fulfillment App and the Inventory App with your tenant. Further explanation on how to connect the backoffice with the respective app(s) can be found under Registration Instore Fulfillment App and Registration Inventory App.

Carrier credentials

Here you find a list of all your connected carriers. Furthermore you can define the carrier credentials tenant-wide. Location based carrier credentials can be set in the section “Facilities” in “Carrier”

Substitution items

If you set this setting active, a picker may pick a substitution item if the original item is no longer available.

For each listing a list of possible substitute articles can be defined on tenant level. In case an item could not be picked successfully, the user has the option to pick one (or more) of the aforementioned substitutes. Substitute articles are connected via matching tenant article id with the originally requested item. Substitute articles can be prioritized so that a more suitable candidate is offered to the user before less suitable ones are shown. If for a substitute article a corresponding listing exists, the stock of that listing is adjusted as soon as the task reaches end of picking. Substitute articles however do not necessarily require an existing listing. As a result, also unlisted articles can be picked as substitute, e.g. in case the substitute article should not be available in general in form of a listing, but only as a substitute.

Good to know

  • Substitute items can currently only be configured tenant-wide. Facility-specific substitutes are currently not supported.

  • Picking substitute items is currently only available within our Android App.

  • They're currently only available for single order picking (not in multi order / batch picking)

Manual stock adjustment

Here you define whether you want to enable manual stock adjustments via the backoffice.

Fulfillment times and closing days for multiple facilities

There is also a function to set the fulfillment times and closing days for multiple facilities. This comes in handy if several facilities need an update or when one wants to set up a new tenant or introduce a bunch of new facilities to the platform. Here the user can also set the capacities for the set time slots.

Timeframe for future capacity planning

Here you can define the time frame within free fulfillment capacity of facilities can be scheduled. One capacity is defined as one task within a facility. In case there is no capacity left for a specific facility within the defined time frame and the corresponding capacity fence is enabled (Fences) , this facility is no longer considered in the routing decision.

How to connect carrier network wide?
  1. Select “Network View”

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Open up the field “Carrier credentials”

  4. Click on “Change credentials”

  5. Enter the API Key and enable the toggle if you have a network-wide contract

  6. Enter the credentials for the network-wide carrier

  7. Define the carrier credential data and click on “Save”

How to define substitution items?
  1. Select “Network View”

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Open up the field “Substitution items”

  4. Enable the function by clicking on “Feature disabled”. It will turn into “Feature enabled”. Afterwards click “Save”

⚠️ Substitute items can just configured via API

How to enable manual stock adjustments?
  1. Select “Network View”

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Open up the field “Manual stock adjustment”

  4. Enable the function by clicking on “Manual stock adjustment is inactive”. It will turn into “manual stock adjustment is active". Afterwards click on “Save”

  5. In the facility view it is then possible to change the stock manually in the listings. After changing click on “Save”.

How to set fulfillment times for multiple facilities
  1. Open Network view

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select “Fulfillment times for multiple facilities” and click on “Edit”

  4. Either select all facilities or those you want to change the fulfillment times for

  5. Set the timeslots and according capacities per timeslot. Hint: The quantity capacity defines the number of tasks that can be handle during a timeslot. The capacity is considered in the routing decision as soon as the capacity fence or ratings is acitvated

  6. Optional: Set Fulfillment free days in batch for holidays, during cycle counting or other fixed dates

  7. Check your added data and confirm via the “save” button

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