Global Inventory

Global inventory can track your stock levels across all locations in real-time.

When used as the central reference for availability, it offers a range of additional features, such as managing safety stock and reserved channel stock.


We offer several Backoffice views to easily provide insights on global and local inventory.


Real-time stock

  • Track location, quantity and status of all items within a warehouse

  • Real-time updates in case of stock changes

  • Real-time insights on available, reserved, pickable, and expected stock quantity on product level

  • Real-time insights on products and stock on storage locations

  • Define a fixed stock quantity on item level below which no items must be sold to reserve stock vor offline sales

  • Automatic consideration of safety stock in calculation of available stock

Channel Inventory

  • Manage different sales channels

  • Reserve stock for specific channels

  • Define a duration for channel reservations

  • Get real-time data on channel availabilities

  • Communicate product availabilities to shop system and other external systems

Scalability & connectivity

  • Manage inventory within different stores and/or warehouses (multi-location approach)

  • Real-time visibility of stock levels both for users and other IT systems

  • Tracking of movements by external solutions (connected to the WMS), by using the clients which are included in the solution (Inventory App, Backoffice), or by a mix of the former

Analytics & Configurations

  • Demand Forecast: Analytics for predicted demand for the next 2 weeks

  • Analytics Dashboard: Inventory KPIs such as number of deliveries and rejected items

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