Returns (legacy)

This section is about our legacy returns which is deprecated but is still usable until further notice. We recommend using our new returns.

With fulfillmenttools it is also possible to handle returns. Currently, this feature can be enabled / disabled tenant-wide for all facilities.

When ordering a label (see Print) we can also order a return label for our customer if needed. This return label can be put into the package for later usage.

  • The sender address on this return label is the customer’s address.

  • The recipient address on this return label is the address of the facility (same address that is used as sender within the shipping label).

Furthermore, the user has the possibility to generate and print a return note.

For each return note, a unique QR code is generated and shown. This QR code should be used to identify the order. In addition our return note contains following information

  • Picture/logo of the company

  • Tenant order id

  • Order date

  • customer address

  • Logo of the tenant

  • Name of the tenant

  • Name of the facility

  • Address of the facility

The following return reasons are available on default and can be configured when the customer is onboarded:

  • Fehlerhaft

  • Zu groß

  • Zu klein

  • Beschädigt

  • Falsch geliefert

  • Zu spät geliefert

  • Nicht wie beschrieben

  • Gefällt mir nicht

  • Kein Grund

For the actual handling of returns, a dedicated section is available within the app. The user can decide to either scan the QR code found on the return note or to scan the track&trace code printed on the return label. If those options are not available, the user is also able to identify the return by entering manually the order id or the track&trace code.

After having identified the return successfully, the user can either scan the barcodes of the returned articles or manually select a shipped article. Returned articles cannot exceed the amount of shipped articles to avoid fraud.

Good to know

A return can only be processed if the corresponding order has been handed over to either the carrier (case Ship-from-Store) or to the customer (case Click & Collect)!

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