Substitute items

For each listing a list of possible substitute items can be defined on tenant level via the API. In case an item could not be picked successfully, the user has the option to pick one (or more) of the aforementioned substitutes. Substitute items are connected via matching tenant article id with the originally requested item. Substitute items can be prioritized so that a more suitable candidate is offered to the user before less suitable ones are shown. If for a substitute item a corresponding listing exists, the stock of that listing is adjusted as soon as the task reaches end of picking. Substitute items however do not necessarily require an existing listing. As a result, also unlisted items can be picked as substitute, e.g. in case the substitute item should not be available in general in form of a listing, but only as a substitute.

Good to know

  • Substitute items can currently only be configured tenant-wide. Facility-specific substitutes are currently not supported.

  • Picking substitute items is currently only available within our Android App.

  • They're currently only available for single order picking (not in multi order / batch picking)

How to pick substitute items

Open the task and start picking the ordered items

Pick all available items

Whenever the originally ordered product is not available, you have the possibility to switch to the substitute options by pressing the

Click on “Select substitute item”

Select from the available substitute articles and insert the correct/ available quantity

Confirm substitute pick by clicking on “Close

Complete the picking process or continue your normal picking process

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