As RESTful platform, our entities are the heart of our platform. The following entities are relevant for inventory management with fulfillmenttools:

A listing is an item or a commodity that is sold in the given facility. It describes the attributes, but does not represent the actual stock, i.e. the current availability/quantity.

All sellable items in the facility are represented as stock, which usually is linked to a listing (which describes the attributes of the items). Most of the attributes will be described via the listing, however, there might be stock-specific information, like best-before-dates.

A storage location represents a physical location where stock might be located. Since there might be more than one product located on the same location more than one stock might be connected to a single storage location.

Depending on the facility type, a storage location can represent different concepts, e.g. the showcase area or the supply room in stores, or a compartment on the shelf or a pallet space in warehouses.

Storage locations can be assigned to zones, which represent a physical area. Typically, zones a used to differentiate the expertise of workers. However, zones can be used to represent all kinds of needs.

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