commercetools Connect

Create and deploy integrations with commercetools Connect.

commercetools Connect

The fulfillmenttools Connect app is a certified integration connector that synchronizes information between your commercetools project and your fulfillmenttools project. While fully customizable it is very easy to setup and deploy so you can start fulfilling orders from your eCommerce system without a complicated integration process.

commercetools Connect lets you add functionality to your Composable Commerce project without needing to buy and maintain dedicated hosting or runtime environments. You can learn more about commercetools Connect.


The connector makes use of commercetools subscriptions to get notified once the OrderState of an Order is changed to Confirmed. At this state the commercetools order is read and a new order is created in the fulfillmenttools platform.

Depending on the shipping method of the commercetools order, either a Ship-from-Store order or a Click&Collect order is created in fulfillmenttools.

The fulfillmenttools distributed order management system (DOMS) will process the new order and (based on its configuration) route the order to the best fulfillment location. Then the actual fulfillment process of picking, packing, and shipping can be executed in the selected location.

Fulfillment Status

As a result of the order routing process, a pick job will be created in the fulfillmenttools platform. During the life time of the pick job (picking started, finished) and the corresponding handover job (created, handed over) the platform will send out events with status updates. This information is processed by the connector to update the custom fields and the ShipmentState of the commercetools order.

The following events are used to update the commercetools order:



Set custom field fft_order_id


Set custom fields fft_pickjob_id, fft_short_id, and fft_facility_id


Set custom field fft_load_units_amount


Set custom field fft_handoverjob_id, update ShipmentState to Ready


Update ShipmentState to Shipped

Getting started

Do you want to try out the certified integration of fulfillmenttools with your Composable Commerce project? Then please get in touch with us with at and we will provide you with a test system to get started.

Open Source

Our commercetools connector is published as Open Source under the MIT license. You can checkout the GitHub repository and we welcome your contributions.

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