Handing over ist the last step of our fulfillment process. You will find the handover section in our app in the third entry of the bottom bar beneath the picking and labeling section.

In this section you will find a list of all orders ready for being handed over - either to a carrier (if it is a Ship-from-Store order) or directly to the customer (if it is a Click & Collect order). This list is subdivided in Ship-from-Store orders and Click-and-Collect orders.

A “Ship-from-Store”- order has a handover entry if the picking task has reached the end of the picking process and has a label. There are two exceptions:

  1. if for this facility no active carrier is configured or

  2. if the chosen carrier is a custom carrier then the handover entry is already created if the order has reached the end of the picking process.

A “Click & Collect”- order has a handover entry if the picking task has reached the end of the picking process.

When clicking on an entry one can mark a handover task as being handed over. When clicking on a handover task already being handed over one can reverse this marking.

Marking Ship-from-Store handovers as being handed over is done automatically in case the carrier (see Last Mile Management) supports track & trace and has picked up the corresponding parcel. To do so, the state of the parcel is checked via the carrier every 15 minutes.

In case so-called LoadUnits were used during the picking process (containers in which the picked items will be put, e.g. Bags, Boxes, Parcels, …), those LoadUnits will be displayed when confirming the handover. By this we make sure, that the complete tasks is handed over.

Once the handover is being marked as handed over automatically, it can still be set back to being not handed over manually, however not automatically.

How to hand over orders to customers

Open Handover section at the bottom of the fulfillmenttools App

Select whether the order is a (2a) shipment (ship-from-store) or a (2b) Pickup order (Click & Collect or Click & Reserve)

Select the correct package/ bag by matching e.g. order number or name of customer with Short ID and hand the package over to the customer or carrier.

Open task, which needs to be handed-over

Press “Task picked up”

Confirm “Task has been picked up”

Hint: Ship-from-store orders with standard carriers are usually automatically handed-over.

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