Fencing is a concept which describes an absolute requirement for a routing decision. If a facility cannot meet the requirement of an order the facility is excluded from the routing decision. This can lead to a situation where no facility can meet the requirement of the order. If this is the case the order is brought back to the pool and is included in upcoming routing decisions or becomes unroutable.

The following predefined fences are available:

  • Stock availability [ “Complete Stock” ] / complete fulfillment of individual order: Checks if all articles of an order are available within the facility. This check calculates the stock and reserved stock in.

  • Service type: Checks if the service type of the order (Ship-from-Store Standard / Ship-from-Store Same Day / Click & Collect) can be fulfilled by the facility, see DOMS Configuration for more elaboration

  • Preselected Facilities: Reduces the facility candidates which should be considered from all facilities within the network to only specified ones. This list may contain 1..n facilities and is only applicable for Ship-from-Store Orders, see DOMS Configuration for more elaboration

  • Carrier availability: Checks if the carrier the customer has chosen for is enabled in a certain facility and thus can fulfill the order, see Seetings for more elaboration

  • Custom attributes (e.g. special services, carrier capacity, facility capacity, shipment destinations, delivery date…)

  • Same Day possible (checks if there is a facility which has the service type ship-from-store and at least one active Same Day carrier AND whether there is enough time for the facility to perform a Same Day delivery? (Today´s date + buffer time < cut off time of that Same Day carrier), see Same Day for more details.

  • Country checks if the address of the facility is within the same country as the address of the consumer. Only those facilities are taken into consideration.

  • Facility Capacity checks if there are any free capacity slots available for a facility within a predefined timeframe in the future (see Facilities for details and examples).

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