Order split - initial routing

When dealing with stores, we deal with a certain stock uncertainty. As a result, the result of a routing will quite commonly be a facility which cannot fulfill all the items the customer has ordered.

To tackle such a situation, an order split can be activated. In a nutshell, an order split divides the order into multiple chunks which in turn will be routed to different facilities. Subsequently, the customer will then receive multiple parcels.

An order split can only be activated for orders which are shipped. Furthermore it’s important to differentiate between a normal order (service level “delivery”) and a Same Day order. For a normal order an order split might be desirable, for a Same Day order this is often not the case due to horrendous shipping costs. Therefore a user can define those two cases within our backoffice and decide for which case the split can be applied.

Order Split by numerical value

Splitting an order by numerical value defines the maximum amount of chunks in which an order can be split. For each chunk, the complete DOMS process is executed to determine the best facility for the remainder of the order. Any previous chosen faciliti(es) are not taken into consideration.

It could be that the newly chosen facility for the remaining part has no stock at all but still has the best rating. In such a case (e.g. the facility has no single ordered each in stock), this facility is ignored and another routing is performed.

This whole splitting logic loops until:

  1. the maximum amount of splits has been reached

  2. no more facility is available to choose from.

If DOMS faces one of those two cases, a final routing is performed for this last remaining chunk, however only among the previous chosen facilities in which a chunk of the order was routed.

Items can be bundled in a way that we will never split them when routing (see: Custom service). The Order Split "views" those articles as one.

How to set Order Split Settings regarding initial Routing

1.) Select “Network View”

2.) Select “DOMS configuration”

3.)Open up “Order Split”

4.) Define your individual Order Split Count

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