Order split after shortpick

In Rerouting the behavior of the reroute after a shortpick was described, which also means that items which already have been picked must be put back again, which causes process costs but might save shipping costs. With the function “order split after shortpick” the admin can also decide that not a reroute but an order split should be performed in the event of a shortpick (a reroute AND an ordersplit after shortpick is not possible - it's always an OR). In this case we route the items, which could not have been picked to the next “best” facility.

One can only use this function if the order split for the initial routing (see: Order Split - Initial Routing) is activated and the set parameters here will also be used by the order split after shortpick.

The following scenarios can be set in our settings. Hereby we differ between a Ship-from-store order and a Click & Collect order, since depending on the type of an order it must be handled differently.

  • Reroute SFS + Reroute C&C

  • Ordersplit SFS + Reroute C&C

  • Reroute SFS only

  • Ordersplit SFS only

  • Reroute CnC only

Although the order split after shortpick and the initial ordersplit behave the same there is one difference: When performing an ordersplit after shortpick, we use the complete remainder and look for a better option. Even if no stock for the remainder is found, we route to the “best” facility hoping, that there is offline-stock to be picked. This differs to the situation where we have the initial order split where we check for stocks and only split the items where we have found stock.

How to activate Order Split after Shortpick - Ship from Store
  1. Select “Network View”

  2. Select “DOMS Configuration”

  3. Open up “Routing decision in case of a shortpick”

  4. Select "Order Split". An press the "Save" Button.

Now the order can be splitted in case of a shortpick

When exactly will the order be rerouted?

The order will be rerouted after finishing the Pickjob. So before the packing starts.

If an order is rerouted due to a shortpick, is it possible for a store that has already attempted to pick the item to receive the order again?

That depends on the configurations. If you have set 'blacklistedAssignedFacilities' to 'true,' the facilities that have already had the order will not receive it again. If not, it is possible that the order will be rerouted to the same facility again.

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