Item bundles

It is possible to bundle items. By doing this you ensure that those bundles items are not split when the DOMS would normally performing an ordersplit affecting those items.

This can be done by our custom-service concept (see: here). Adding items to a customservice and defining it as "bundled" within the order is all you have to do.

Example on how a bundling customService object might look like within an order
"customServices": [
      "customServiceDefinition": {
        "customServiceRef": "string",
        "isBundled": true,
        "additionalInformation": [
            "additionalInformationRef": "string",
            "value": "string"
      "articleItems": [
          "tenantArticleRef": "string",
          "quantity": 1

How bundles items are "viewed" while routing

Orderlines that are connected via a “non-splittable” customService within an order will be interpreted as 1 item an thus never be split in the routing decision.

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